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علاقةُ الطَّبيب بالمرضى مهمة

Patients more and more feel like a number in a computer. But clinicians shouldn’t be vilified. You work tirelessly to provide the best possible treatment to the greatest number of people. The challenge is time. Hospitals are increasingly busy, requiring you to be as efficient as possible.


9 أشياء على كل طالب تمريض معرفتها

Nursing school can be one of the most challenging — and rewarding — experiences of your life. We asked some on-the-job nurses what they would tell someone just starting out in school, and a few pieces of advice came up over and over again.

Signs You Need a New Stethoscope

All Signs You Need a New Stethoscope

Your stethoscope has supported you through hundreds of patient exams, helping you hear thousands of heartbeats and belly gurgles. How do you know when it’s time to replace one of your most-used medical instruments? Raided: Your stethoscope was stolen… by a colleague. We’ve heard this story a lot! It may be an honest mistake, but it’s […]

Stethoscope Littmann Electronic 3200

Don’t miss the sounds you need to hear.
3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscopes Model 3100 and Model 3200 are a bit more complicated to use than a mechanical Littmann stethoscope. But if you take a few minutes to learn the ins and outs of these amazing instruments, you’ll be rewarded with an exceptional auscultation experience.

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