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Littmann iii Stethoscope: extending the lifespan

For those of you that like to keep your Littmann iii Stethoscope around your neck, you might have a problem. When you keep the stethoscope around your neck, it can catch your skin oils.

Furthermore, if your clothing doesn’t have a collar (that is, you wear scrubs to work) the stethoscope tubing can perish quickly. This is due to constant exposure to skin oils and sweat on your neck.

It will only take a few months before the expensive tubing can begin to lose its flexibility. It can also become hard and start cracking as well. In this guide, we will provide solutions that can help you extend the lifespan of your stethoscope. One of the solutions is to buy a variety of elasticated material protectors. While the second step is to store and clean it properly.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Littmann iii Stethoscope

There are different steps to take to prolong the life of your stethoscope. They include the following:

Replace the ear tips more often: This is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your stethoscope. This is the major reason why you have to buy spare ear tips. Also, if you’ve run out of them, you can order them online from Stethoscope24.

Keep the stethoscope away from your skin: We advise that you don’t carry your stethoscope around your neck all day. You can place it on your coat. This works fine if you don’t always wear collared shirts. As we previously mentioned, it can get flexibility because of your skin oils.

Store the stethoscope in a better place: When you are not using your stethoscope, always clean it. Also ensure that it is stored in a cool and dry place. It should be stored away from the sun and other solvents.

Moreover, all these things can cause damage to the stethoscope, thereby reducing its functionality. Why not buy a stethoscope case? It is one of the safest places to store yours stethoscope.

Examine it regularly: Sometimes there might be cracks on your stethoscope, and you won’t notice them immediately. We advise that you dismantle your stethoscope and examine it to check for other cracks. Checking for these damages early enough is good. This is because it will prevent the damage from getting worse. Also check the auditory quality often. This will ensure that you know when the sound starts deteriorating.

If you feel it is time to replace your stethoscope, then you can check out our site. We sell Littmann iii stethoscope and other types as well.


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