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Littmann Stethoscope Cardiology IV Navy / Rainbow / Black Stem Review


Yeah! I have just received the most awaited parcel. Guess what it is. A brand new Littmann Cardiology IV Navy\ Rainbow\ Black Stem. Littmann is the most recommended company by many expert medical professionals. The quality and standard of Littmann stethoscopes is majestic. Littmann stethoscopes are available in different colors and designs. The reviews of Littmann stethoscopes are incredible. It is the most demanding stethoscope brand throughout the world. Recently, I was looking for a cardiology stethoscope to hear and comprehend various sounds of heart beats. As the clarity of heat sounds during auscultation is of prime significance, I was in search of an excellent quality stethoscope which will help me to determine and discriminate variable heart sounds. Keeping in view my preferences, I found Littmann as the perfect choice.

I was desperately waiting for my parcel and finally it has arrived. Now it is time to unbox this essential piece of medical instrument. Before unpacking the parcel, I would definitely comment on its remarkable boxing. Littmann brand has made all possible efforts to make a good impression on the purchasers. I am quite amused and allured by such perfect and organized packaging. Let’s hope the product is also as good as the boxing.

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I am really excited and impatient to unbox the stethoscope. Now let’s see if the stethoscope is up to my expectations or not. For storage purposes I also ordered a Littmann stethoscope hard case which is gorgeous and charming. The box is substantial and secure. The overall packaging of the product is really admiring and exceptional but the case requires extra charges.

The color of the stethoscope is quite nice and bright. I like navy and rainbow colors as they are very lively and unique. These colors are often not preferred by some people but for me this color is quite eye-catching. The tubing of the stethoscope is strong, flexible and long- lasting. The tube is a significant component of a stethoscope as it is the means of sound conduction. I noticed that the stethoscope is of quite resilient and buoyant.

The most important thing I want to mention is that the diaphragm of the stethoscope is made up of outstanding material which is neither too tight nor too loose. For auscultating heart sounds the diaphragm should be sensitive enough to interpret sounds of different frequencies. The diaphragm of this stethoscope is best for perceiving and hearing heart sounds and murmurs.

My most favorite part of this stethoscope is the earpiece. I always have trouble with ear piece as they are not soft and have not much grip. But the ear piece of Littmann stethoscope are lax and have a proper grip.

Another conspicuous element of Littmann stethoscope which the stethoscopes of other brands lack is that it comes with an instruction book. The instruction manual clearly explains the usage of the cardiology stethoscope. It is very beneficial for me as it would help me greatly to perceive and interpret heart beats correctly.

On auscultating my chest with this effective stethoscope, I was quite amazed and blissful with the audibility and clarity of the heart sounds. I could clearly hear the beat of my heart with every breath. I am really pleased and satisfied with my product and I would definitely recommend all the medical professionals who are in search of best quality cardiology stethoscope to try this amazing Littmann stethoscope.

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Pros and cons:


Reasonably priced

Easy to carry

Profound diaphragm

Malleable Tubing


Extra charges for the case

Compare to others:

I have practiced with the stethoscopes of Luxascope brand before but nothing matches with the expert quality of Littmann. The acoustics and clarity of sound of Littman’s stethoscope is incomparable and highly appreciative. It is the perfect stethoscope to auscultate and listen heart sounds of every frequency contrasting other brands whose stethoscope are unable to discriminate between sounds of variable frequencies. Littman’s stethoscope is very useful to determine and diagnose heart sounds to treat various cardiovascular diseases.

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